Damn, you got knocked the f**k out

every. single. morning.

every. single. morning.


me and my sister #squaddddd


me and my sister #squaddddd

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oh yeah, I forgot being on diddy’s dick now takes up 100% of her time

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where is cassie doe

she had bops

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"Me & U" - Cassie

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I would have relations with ben schwartz

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currently watching a rihanna tour documentary

I have to get up for class in six hours

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one last reblog for mis amigos
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big phil was a problematic coach but at least he knew to keep all my daddies on the squad ya know that I’m sayin


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literally kim…

literally kim…

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i really do just want to date myself ugh

*hits that jean-ralphio* me as heeeeeell

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I love my skin!

I wish i had this on tv when i was growing up.

This is really important.


*gets a compliment*


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redickulousness asked: Who would you cast in an all female version of Fight Club?


me, danai gurira, devon aoki, meagan good, and gabourey sidibe

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